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Hellooo, i'm Freya F-T, a 20 year old graphic designer and activist based in and around London. I've recently dropped out of studying graphic design at Falmouth University, not because I don't like graphics, but because I love design and art and want to explore it in the real world, being reactive to real things, rather than sitting in my university dorm room trying to rip up bits of paper so that i'll get a good mark from someone who teaches hundreds of other students making the exact same thing. Over the last two years, I've spent most of my time in the world of climate justice activism, and I've been able to see firsthand how much of an impact vibrant design can make. I've been working on zines, social media graphics, strategies, branding identities and campaign posters for some of the coolest people I've ever met. I've decided to immerse myself in what I genuinely believe in, and give up old dreams of becoming a corporate designer in exchange for working on creating radical change for myself and others, right now.

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