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BUSTCARD is a collaborative, anti-capitalist youth zine that stands for collective liberation and global revolution. It acts as a vessel through which the world of radical youth activism is encouraged to express their struggles, hopes, actions, contentions and artistry. It aims to not only celebrate activist culture but to create new conversations within it.

I've worked with collage, paint, ink, iPad and Photoshop to fabricate all 92 pages of BUSTCARD's 4 Zine anthology. The zine has sold in radical bookshops all across the UK, from Falmouth to Glasgow. After lockdown, the collective is hoping to be able to run zine-making workshops and sell in many more places, as well as give out the zine for free in protests (the name BUSTCARD comes from Bust Cards, which are small cards that are handed out at protests in order to provide activists with pocket-able legal advice). 

(click on the image below to have a look at some of the articles!)

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